Household Hazardous Waste

Educational Materials


The HHW program goals include educating the public about using alternative non-toxic products, why not to buy toxic products in the first place, and properly disposing of toxic products. The Committees have developed several educational hand-outs as provided below. 

Every March, as part of this educational effort, the Regional Planning Commission has a booth at the Hanover HomeLife Expo in Hanover with changing exhibits each year. A map is provided to show where the HHW collections are provided in the region in both New Hampshire and Vermont.

Barbara Whitman (L) and Charlotte Faulker (R) HHW Committee members stand with Rachel Ruppel (C) pictured above, the creator of the map and former planner for the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission.



Broken Fluorescents

Latex Paint - How to Dispose


Mercury Health

Six-Point Program for Leftover Paint

Sharps and Needles

Top Ten Pet Toxins

Used Oil