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Ways to have a healthy lawn and garden without the use of chemicals

When winter dreams of gardens and green grass are soon to become reality you can enhance your lawn and plants with nontoxic methods for your safety as well as the environment's...

Before getting your hands in the soil or contacting lawn service companies, we would like our neighbors to know that there are potential health and environmental dangers when using chemical pesticides and fertilizers. A recent study by Purdue University made a clear and direct link between the use of lawn chemicals and cancer rates among dogs. Scottish Terriers that were exposed to chemically treated lawns were 4 to 7 times more likely to contract cancer than those that weren't. This is a particularly frightening thought as children are as likely to spend time rolling and playing in the summer grass as any Scottish Terrier.

We are concerned about the level of toxins already in the environment -- all of which ultimately find their way into our bodies. No one is completely safe from this danger either, not even unborn babies. The nonprofit organization, the Environmental Working Group, took blood samples from umbilical-cords of unborn children found that the samples contained an average of 287 contaminants, including among other things mercury, fire retardants, lawn chemicals and PFOA, a chemical released from Teflon pans.

Although the lawn chemical companies would like usto think otherwise, it is possible to maintain a healthy and good looking lawn without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Simple steps like mowing high, leaving your clippings on your lawn as a natural fertilizer and annual lime (a natural rock powder) applications can help you achieve your field of dreams.  If you're set on using a local lawn service, look for one that uses 100% organic methods. In the garden, making sure the soil is healthy is the first step to prevent problems and grow healthy, beautiful plants.

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