School Collections

Visit the Commercial Collection page for more information.  Schools are welcome to our HHW collections with pre-registration at least two weeks before the collection event.

To participate, contact Tim Josephson at 603-448-1680 or  to indicate interest.  You will then submit an inventory of materials for disposal to obtain a cost estimate for disposal.  Please specify each chemical  item and the quantity of each.  If a 20 ounce container is half full, list this as 10 ounces.  Estimates are acceptable.  Please indicate on the inventory list if the container is broken, leaking, has exterior contamination, or is otherwise compromised.

When delivering, please use the following instructions for your safety!

SAFE DELIVERY: Deliver wastes in two loads with each chemical class within the two loads packed separately:

Load 1:

  • Chemical Class 1: Acids
  • Chemical Class 2: Inorganic salts
  • Chemical Class 3: Oxidizers  (I-3, I-6, and I-8 compounds, if using Flinn segregation method)
Load 2:
  • Chemical Class 1: Bases
  • Chemical Class 2: Organics
  • Chemical Class 3: Powdered metals

SAFE PACKING: Pack each chemical class of material (e.g. acids, inorganic salts) in separate transport containers with sealing lids such as a 5-gallon bucket with lid or a plastic tote with a tight sealing lid.  You can transport multiple containers of the same chemical class if they will not all fit in one transport container.  Put vermiculite around and under each chemical container within the transport container.  Do not substitute vermiculite with packing peanuts. About 2" on the bottom of the packing container and around each chemical container so they don't bump each other.  Do not cover the tops of the chemical containers with vermiculite.  If the lid of a chemical for disposal is cracked or there is contamination on the exterior of the chemical contain, put each chemical container within a zip lock bag and close the bag before packing.

SAFE QUANTITY: Do not bring more than 100 pounds in a vehicle.  This is also for your safety.