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Healthy Home Program

The Healthy Home Program was developed to teach people how to make their own household cleaners with just three ingredients:  white vinegar, baking soda, and liquid castile soap.

Our goal is to increase the level of comfort in using non-toxic alternatives to common toxic household cleaners found in the grocery store.  We believe this is a stepping stone for ciitzens to make more informed purchasing decisions for all items they may purchase for their homes--and potentially, their businesses.

Making your own cleaners can be fun.  Please download our brochure to learn about recipes using just three ingredients:  white vinegar, baking soda, and liquid castile soap.  For more recipes, visit our Recipes page.

This program was developed with funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development program.

Develop Your Own Healthy Home Program


Any organization is welcome to use the Healthy Home logo for the purposes of your own Healthy Home Program.  You may not separate the title of "Healthy Home" from the subtitle of "Clean Safe and $ave."

NonToxic Housecleaning Brochure

You can download this brochure for use in your program.  Please remember to put your contact information on the brochure.  It is provided in as a pdf without our organization contact information for your use.  It does have this web site address on it which you can remove.

Healthy Home Magnetic Recipe Card

You can download our magnetic recipe card for use in your program.  It includes two recipes: All-Purpose Cleaner and Tub ScrubTM.  Please remember to put your contact information on the card.  It is provided in a pdf version.  RecipeCard.jpg

Healthy Home Spray Bottle Labels

We designed Healthy Home labels to be put on spray bottles so we can have people make their own cleaners at our outreach and education booths--or to hand them out at our household hazardous waste collections.  Using essential oils for custom scents in the cleaners makes it fun for participants making their own cleaners.  Templates for labels are provided here for All-Purpose Disinfecting Cleaner and Window & Glass Cleaner.  We used 14-ounce bottles, so you can double the recipes for larger bottles if you wish.

We used Uline water resistant labels S-19298.  These are 4"x3-1/3" labels.  Because these are plastic labels, you must be careful that they do not get too hot in your printer or it will damage your printer drum.  We have a laser printer that has a side tray and we set the paper weight to "heavy."  It will be different on every printer.  The first ones we did smeared because we were running them through like regular paper and the drums were getting very hot.  We figured it out and hope that you will too for your machine.

Healthy Home Facebook Page

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Feather Flag Design

Click here to download the Healthy Home design pdf for an 8' feather flag.

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