Safe Schools Resources

Resource Files & Links

Below, you will find links and other resources for general healthy schools, science laboratories, art studios, green cleaning, and integrated pest management.  If you would like to add to this list or have any questions, please contact Victoria Davis at or 603-448-1680.

Administrative and General:

Pollution Prevention in Schools, NH Department of Environmental Services
Green Ribbon Schools Information, NH Department of Education
Improving Air Quality during COVID, NH Department of Education 
Creating and Sustaining Safe, Healthy School Environments, NH Municipal Association
Indoor Air Quality: Tools for Schools, US EPA Healthy Child Care, US EPA 
Chemical Management Resource Guide for School Administrators
Chemical Safety for Teachers and Supervisors

Science Laboratories:

School Chemistry Lab Science & Safety Presentation - May 2017

NH Specific Hazardous Waste Requirements - May 2017

Chemical Hygiene Plan
King County, WA Chemical Hygiene Plan, 2016 (Word)
King County, WA Chemical Hygiene Plan, 2016 (pdf)
Chemical Hygiene Plan - Flinn, 2007
NHOSHA Lab Hygiene Plan
OSHA Laboratory Standard
OSHA Laboratory Standard Fact Sheet 

Chemical Information
Chemical Ban Candidates
Non-Hazardous Combinations Sheet
School Chemicals by Hazard Ranking 

Chemical Inventory
Chemical Inventory Example 
Deciding What to Keep

Chemical Management and Storage
VT Conditionally Exempt Generator Handbook
Chemical Storage in Small Spaces
Compressed Gas Management
EPA Chemical Management Guide
Incompatible Chemicals
Integrated Chemical Management - EPA
Laboratory Chemical Acid and Base Chemical Cap Color Chart
Laboratory Waste Management Guide - King County, WA 2012
NH Small Quantity Generatory Hazardous Waste Collection Events Fact Sheet
Safety in the Science Classroom: Books & Resources, National Science Teachers Association

Eyewash Information
Emergency Washing Facilities - State of Washington 

Fume Hoods
Fume Hood Handbook - University of Vermont
OSHA Quick Facts: Laboratory Safety: Chemical Fume Hoods

Hazard Communication
OSHA Hazard Communication Guidelines for Compliance
Sample Hazard Communication Program Template

Inspection Checklists
5-Minute Safety Inspection - Flinn
Monthly Inspection Checklist for Safe Handling and Storage of Chemicals

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Eye Protection Poster
Personal Protective Equipment Selection Guide

Resources, Links, Books, and Contacts
Contact Handout
Flinn Scientific On-line Safety Courses
NH Reference Phone Numbers
NH Reference Web Sites
Useful Books
Useful Web Links 

Risk Assessment
Chemical Use Planning Form
Risk Assessment Lab Form 

Safer Laboratory Investigations
Safer Labs Student Guide
Safer Labs Teacher Guide 
Rehab the Lab: Creating Safer School Labs, King County, Washington

Safety Guides
CT Science Safety
OSHA Small Business Handbook
OSHA's Safety Pays Program
School Chemistry Laboratory Safety Guide, Dept of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Natl Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 

Spill Response
Bare Bones Spill Response Kit for Schools 

Art Studios:

Chemical Hazards in Arts Presentation - May 2017
NH Specific Hazardous Waste Requirements - May 2017

Art Hazards, King County, Washington
Bare Bones Spill Response Kit for Schools 
Buy and Use Safer Art Products (pdf)
California School Art Guidelines (pdf)
Chemical Hygiene Plan for Art Studios (Word)
EPA Chemical Management Resource Guide for School Administration (pdf)
Glove Solvents (Windows Media Player)
Lab Safety-Arts Guide (pdf)
New Hampshire Union Leader (pdf)(Nashua H.S. fire from ceramics chemical)
Art Hazards: King County Washington
Chemical Waste Resources for Art Studios, University of Delaware
Selecting protective gloves for solvent handout (pdf)
Selecting safer art adhesives (pdf)
Studio-as-lab (pdf)

Green Cleaning:

Green Cleaning Policy Model: "Green Seal Standard for Cleaning Services"
Indoor Air Quality Master Class Professional Webinar Series (COVID), US EPA
Green Clean Schools
Cleaning for Healthy Schools
Sustainable Marketplace: Greener Products and Services, US EPA
Green Cleaning in Schools Webinar Series - Archives Available
The Carpet and Rug Institute: Green Label Plus - A Higher Standard for Indoor Air Quality

Integrated Pest Management:

National Pesticide Information Center
Managing Pests in Schools, US EPA
School IPM Resource List, IPM Institute of North America
Pesticide Environmental Stewardship
School IPM Manual, Bio-integral Resource Center
National School Information Source, University of Florida
IPM Cost Calculator for Schools (requires registration), Texas A&M
Guidelines for IPM for Pest Management Contracts in Childcare Centers, Penn State University
School IPM Videos, Colorado Coalition 
Informed Green Solutions