Art Studio and School Chemistry Lab

The Regional Planning Commission has provided several Chemistry Teacher trainings and Art Studio Chemical Safety trainings.  It may not be obvious, but there are many art products that are hazardous to our health, and need to be handled with care or not used at all.  Dave Waddell of Waddell Environmental in Oregon is the primary trainer for both workshops.  Click here for a past Safe Chemistry flyer to learn more. Click here for a past Art Studio Chemical Safety flyer.


The purpose is to provide training about safety in the laboratory handling, storing, and using chemicals.  Since the Regional Planning Commission provides Household Hazardous Waste collections, this was an offshoot of that educational outreach as some schools bring their chemicals to our collections.

Workshop evaluations from the attendees were very positive in allyears, and it is hoped that UVLSRPC will do these workshops again in the future in cooperation with the State of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.