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CLICK HERE for our 2021 HHW Collection Schedule!


COVID-19 NOTICE:  The 2020 HHW collections are done for the year.  Although we did cancel the May collection, we held the remaining collections with the following protocols.  The 2021 schedule is available.  Please refer back to this website for potential cancellations in 2021 dependent upon COVID-19 updates.  Stay safe and be well.

Attendees MUST:

  • stay in their vehicles
  • put up their masks when near people and a vehicle window is down
  • place their waste in the trunk or truck bed - not hand it out the window or have it in their back seat
  • not bring containers they want back (such as fuel can)
  • no money will be taken from anyone from a non-participating municipality; you must call in advance to make arrangements to send a check

There will only be one person from our staff and no volunteers. That person will be wearing a mask and only asking what town the attendee is from. No literature will be handed out. Someone from the service company will probably look at the waste in the trunk or truck bed before the vehicle can proceed (this is how they do it every year).

Chemists and those pouring off the hazardous waste will NOT wear masks as they are would be at greater risk if their masks became contaminated by the chemicals.  Workers will be asked questions about their health and their temperature will be taken to ensure no one is working at the site that might be ill.


The Regional Planning Commission recognizes the great benefit to keeping toxic chemicals out of our water supplies by providing management options for unwanted chemicals like cleaning products, paint and paint related products, automotive fluids, and much more.

2015 was the last year we collected medicines with DHMC at our HHW collection as there are many other options every day at police stations around the region.  Visit for a list of locations and other information about keeping your family safe with proper storage and disposal of medicines.

 Thanks for checking us out!

Latest News

WHY buy toxic products in the first place?  Sometimes there is an equal or better nontoxic alternative.  Check out our two new comic books.  Visit the Educational Resources page to download them and have a look at our new virtual tours of a school, home, and grocery store.


People try the Nontoxic Cleaners and LIKE them!

After talking to Intern, Noah El Naboulsi this summer, people provided testimonials after trying the nontoxic cleaners at home.  Check them out:

  • My dog has gotten sick in the past from licking floor cleaners off the floor so a mix of only vinegar and water is great.
  • Thank you for doing this work!  It is so important and we need to continue to rally together to make a change!
  • I’m gonna annoy all the people in my dorm this year about what you told me at the farmer’s market.  Scary stuff, but I’m glad you are teaching people.  Thanks!


Non-Toxic Cleaning Videos!